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There is a huge number of people that suffer from high blood pressure all around the world, but there is also significant number of those that are dealing with low blood pressure. Even though it is not that dangerous as high blood pressure is, it is a health condition that needs to be treated.


Hypo tension can bring a variety of symptoms that can lower the quality of your life and normal functioning of the organism. It is a condition that is followed by symptoms like chronic sleepiness, tiredness, exhaustion, vertigo, headache, weakened concentration and memory problems, lack of will, anxiety, increased heartbeat.

People that suffer from low blood pressure have difficulties during waking up, because they need a lot of time to get out of the bed and then start feeling tired right away. They feel the best and are filled with energy late in the evening. Hypotension patients suffer a lot during the summer period when it is hot. If the low blood pressure is present for longer period it can cause serious kidney damages. That is the main reason low blood pressure needs to be treated.



The best way to bring the low blood pressure to normal is using natural products. With small and insignificant changes in your lifestyle and nutrition you can achieve fast results.

Energy food
Start your day with food that has high glycemic index like cereal, honey, dried fruits and nuts. You can make amazing and healthy breakfast that will keep the blood pressure on the normal level.

Salty food
Salty food is good solution to people with low blood pressure, mainly because salt ties the water in the organism. It is recommended to use salt enriched with iodine because it improves the circulation and the normal work of thyroid gland. But be careful with salty food because it can also cause damage to the organism when we exaggerate with use.

Dehydration is a common cause of low blood pressure and to prevent it you need to supply your body with need amount of liquid to help the body function normally. It is recommended to drink at least 1,5 liters of water during a day. Other thing that can help are fruit juices. The best choice is beetroot juice. Just a glass of this juice a day can supply you with energy and relive tiredness and similar symptoms that are characteristic for hypotension. Pomegranate juice is also a good choice if you suffer from this condition. Regular use of herbal teas is also recommended to people with low blood pressure. Rosemary, hawthorn and nettle tea are the best choices for herbal tea that can normalize the low blood pressure. No matter which one you decide you can drink up to three cups during the day. You also have to know that it is not recommended to drink rosemary tea late in the afternoon or during the evening.

There are certain spices that are able to naturally raise the blood pressure, the only thing to do is just add them to your food. The best of those spices are turmeric, ginger, garlic, parsley, celery and horseradish.

Regular physical activity can help in the fight against low blood pressure. Walking, swimming and running are some of the best choices for you if you suffer from this health condition.

Patients with low blood pressure need food that is good for the heart and the blood vessels, because these kinds of food can naturally rise the blood pressure. The best choice is omega 3 rich fish, fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts, legumes, olive and coconut oil and other food rich in vitamins E and C and beta carotene.

People with low blood pressure say that they can’t imagine their day without a coffee, but it is good to know that coffee is a diuretic. It will instantly increase the blood pressure but it will very fast have the opposite effect and worsen the symptoms. It is not recommended to drink more than two cups of coffee and if you drink the morning coffee on empty stomach, eat something salty after.


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