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Headache is a kind of pain that occurs in the area of the head and the neck. It can be short and pass very soon and it can also be very strong and occur very often. It can be caused by various reasons and sometimes it can be life threatening. If you have rate episodes of headache to avoid medication you can try this natural food remedies that can help you to relive the pain.

This is the cheapest and it can be the most effective way to treat headache. If the body is properly hydrated, most of the toxins will be removed through urine or sweat. Water also helps regulation of the body temperature.

Strong coffee can help you to get rid of headache. It contains caffeine that stimulates the vessels in the head area. It will also stimulate the nerve’s ends and that way remove the pain.


Tea contains tannin that has similar effect as caffeine. A cup of fresh prepared tea will soon remove the headache.

Ginkgo biloba
It is a plant with healing properties. Its leaves and seeds contain flavonoid known as glycoside. It is proven that it is extremely beneficial to people that suffer from dementia and chronic headache.


If you have frequent headaches you need to eat banana as breakfast every day. It contains high concentration of magnesium that will help you to treat headache successfully.

A glass of fresh lemonade or lime juice with a teaspoon of salt will help you to treat a headache. It is bad to take too much salt in your organism but it is very effective with headache. You can also try lavender lemonade, see the recipe here.

Apple contains bioflavonoids that help to lower the blood pressure and that way the intensity frequency of headaches.

Cayenne pepper
Cayenne pepper is a spice that gives the heat and spiciness to the meals and it contains capsaicin that raises the level of pain tolerance and the frequency of the headaches.

Basil and ginger
Add basil leaves and ginger in a boiling water and cook it for 5-7 minutes. Strain and add a teaspoon of honey.  Drink it while it is hot and you will feel better right away. Antioxidants, selenium, magnesium and the vitamins that this drink contains will help you get rid of the headache.

Warm milk
Warm milk has soothing powers on the nervous system. There are people that don’t like warm milk so they can add a spoon of honey to change the taste.


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