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Expert researchers from the University of Harvard studied the effects that red wine has on the weight. They included 20 000 women in a research that lasted for 13 years. The results they came up with are very interesting especially for the wine lovers.

The results of the research showed that women that drank 2 glasses of red wine every day, never had any kind of weight problems, and that red wine increases fat burning processes in the body. Red wine is also a powerful antioxidant and it prevents and lowers the risks of tumor formation and growing of cancer cells. The lower chances of storing fats as well as lower levels of sugar in the blood are a result of the acids in the grapes that can slow the growing of cells of fat.


You need to try drinking the wine instead of diner or between the meals. A glass of red wine has less calories than ice cream, a piece of cake or chips. There are people that share their experiences with this red wine diet. A woman reportedly dropped 6 kilograms in just 3 weeks and she only drank a glass of wine after diner. She also says that red wine helped her to lower the desire for sweets and not to eat snacks before going to bed.


Red wine contains high amounts of resveratrol and it has various health benefits for human organism. It is a powerful antioxidant with ability to prevent tumor cell formation. It also has ability to prevent destruction of cells it can prevent Alzheimer’s and protect the heart. Wine is very healthy and it can help you lose weight, but you have to stick to one glass. Try to make a difference in drinking wine with snacks and drinking wine instead of snacks that is the key to your success. Don’t drink red wine late at night because it can disturb your sleep and you will wake up sleepy the next day. Drink a glass of wine occasionally to control your weight.

A glass of red wine from time to time can make you lose weight, according to science.


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