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Look in the mirror and you will see your face first. According to the Chinese traditional medicine face is the window to your health. Forehead, chin, cheeks, nose, all of these parts is a zone of health. If there is something wrong with your organs it will show on the face, if you know what you are looking for.

A lot of people are not aware that the face can show what is going on in your body. Every part of the face reflects various elements: fire, earth, water, metal and wood. The elements reflect different organs. They can warn you if there is something going on in your body and help you react in time, before small health problems become big.


Chin is the area of water. It is connected to the kidneys and bladder as well as hormonal system and glands. Discoloration and dark spots on the skin around the mouth may mean problem with kidneys or bladder. Acne around the chin may mean hormonal misbalance. They usually show when the body produces more estrogen or testosterone.  If you look at the philtrum, the area between the nose and the upper lip, it can show you if there is something wrong with the ovaries or uterus in women or with the prostate in men. If there are noticeable changes in color or visible horizontal lines over the philtrum, there is a possibility of fertility problems because of endometriosis or cyst. According to Chinese medicine people that have small chin have genetic disposition to kidney or bladder problems, but it does not mean that it will develop.


It is the element wood or liver and gallbladder. Visible capillary and redness on the cheek indicates on inflammations and toxins in the liver.  Visible veins, redness and rash may also mean that you suffer of high blood pressure. Yellow tone on the skin under left eye can show gallbladder stones, high level of triglycerides and cholesterol. Changes in this part of the face can also reflect emotional problems like anger and depression.

This part of the face reflects metal and is linked to lungs and colon. Discoloration and changes in the skin on the right cheek can indicate on problems with lungs and colon. Acne, eczema, or mild redness can point that you are getting a cold. Lung and upper respiratory tract diseases are visible on the on the right cheek also. People that suffer from respiratory allergies or asthma have eczema and blue-greenish shade on the right cheek.

Nose is equal to the element of earth and linked to stomach spleen and pancreas. Problems with these organs usually show as acne on the tip of the nose or on the sides. Capillaries that is visible in the root of the nose show alcohol problems or emotional states like worries and stress. Learn to relax and get rid of stress and start meditation. You also need to be careful what you eat because food is very important factor for the health of these organs.

Forehead is the element of fire and linked to the heart, bowels, mind and spirit. When you look in the mirror observe your forehead for redness and small blood vessels in a form of discolorations that indicate heart problems. This kind of discolorations can also be linked to emotional experiences like loss or break ups. Heart attack can also be predicted with slight blue greenish shade on the forehead. If you have discolorations on the forehead followed by intense heart beating, dizziness, lack of breath and pain in the left arm, go and see a doctor right away.


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