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Every person that suffered from more serious kidney disease knows that kidneys are better to protect than to cure. When the pain paralyzes the body and you are rushed to the doctor you can be sure that the disease is seriously spread.

When a kidney fails dialysis is necessary and in some cases even transplantation. It is very important to have early diagnose therefore it is important to know some of the most alarming symptoms.

Sensitive and dry skin
Irritated and dry, sensitive to touch skin is certain indication that the kidneys don’t work as they should. If the kidneys are not able to clean the toxins from the blood it can cause rashes on the skin.


Loosing breath
The excess liquid that is in the body is going to the lungs and it makes you lose breath. Loosing breath while working out is normal but when it happens for no reason it is a sign you need to see a doctor as soon as you can.

Leg pain
Inflammation of kidneys is known for back pain, pain in the side of the torso and in legs. The pain can be caused by kidney stones, but you have to visit a doctor right away.

When the kidneys don’t work properly the body retains the excess fluids and the ankles on the arms and legs as well as the face starts swelling. When you notice little pockets full of water on the body ask for help right away.


If you have shivers and you are cold in warm room that is obvious sign that you have kidney inflammation. Healthy kidneys improve secretion of hormones that stimulate the red blood cells to distribute oxygen in the body. Inflammation stops the secretion of the hormones and causes anemia. Anemia and kidney dysfunction can cause coldness all the time.

Appetite loss
IF you lose appetite and you also have some of the mentioned symptoms you have kidney disease. Loss of weight in a short period may seem good but it will harm your health because it is caused by a serious disease.

Loss of taste, bad breath
You have the taste of metal in your mouth which means that you lost taste. Loss of taste can cause aversion to food especially meat.

Urination problems
The urine forms when the kidneys filtrate the body from toxins. If you notice changes in intensity of urination, changes in smell of the urine you have to be worried. Changes can be frequent urination during the night, foam or blood in the urine and problems during urination.

Weakness and tiredness
Tiredness is one of the first symptoms of kidney disease. We all feel it at times but if you start feeling tired after a good night sleep then it is an indication that something is wrong. The tiredness is a result of lowered number of red blood cells and lower amount of oxygen and it all results with anemia and tiredness that can be stopped.

Nausea and vomiting
When our kidneys don’t function properly, it causes toxins to store in the body. They can cause nausea and vomiting. These are symptoms that something is seriously wrong and you need to see a doctor.



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