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About 4500 people around the world are diagnosed with colon cancer and about 3000 people die every year. The numbers show that it is very serious and dangerous disease, and we have to be aware of the symptoms and ways to prevent it.

What can cause colon cancer?
Nobody can yet speak about the exact cause of colon cancer. A lot of people say that it is genetics that causes it. Others think that it occurs as a result of environmental factors and some are sure that the main cause is bad nutrition and unhealthy lifestyle. It is sure that nutrition that consists of red meat and animal fat, bad habits like smoking, alcoholism, obesity and lack of physical activity can increase the risk of getting colon cancer.

Who can get colon cancer?
Nobody is actually safe and protected when we talk of colon cancer. But the most affected are older people between 50 and 74 both male and female.

Symptoms of colon cancer you have to be aware of
Colon cancer is a disease that can develop without any particular symptoms and without causing any health problems. In a lot of cases when the first symptoms start to show, the disease is already in advanced stage. So be aware of these symptoms that often indicate the colon cancer is present in your body. The most common symptoms of colon cancer are:

  1. Blood in the feces
  2. Changes in bowel movements,
  3. Abdominal pain,
  4. Anemia
  5. Weight loss.


Prevention is the best cure
Colorectal cancer is very serious disease. If we look at the mortality rate of people that are affected with it, then we come to conclusion that prevention is the best medication.

One of the best known methods of detection is screening. It is testing of healthy people that have no present symptoms of colon cancer. The screening is conducted in order to find changes or polyps that precede the colon cancer developing in very early stage.  Polyps are benignant formations but some may change to malignant, but those changes sometimes take years. Therefore, early detection and removal of these polyps is the best prevention against colon cancer.

Screening is conducted in several ways. One of the ways is testing the feces for presence of the blood, that can’t be spotted regular way. The presence of blood in the stool is most common indication of polyps or colon cancer. People that are in the risk group should submit to this kind of screening.


If your test is positive it does not mean that you have cancer. People with positive results are later directed on colonoscopy so that the cause of bleeding can be diagnosed. The bleeding can be caused by polyp, malignant disease or other diseases of the colon.

If your screening result is negative you will get recommendation to repeat it after two years.


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