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There is a huge percent of people over 25 years of age that suffer from some form of arthritis. All of them seek a way to find some kind of a relief for their condition because it is known that there is not yet a cure for arthritis. There are a lot of natural remedies that can help with arthritis pain if you want to stay away from synthetic pain killers.

Some people use wraps, teas, homemade drinks, ointments, creams. At the end of 19th century people started using hot baths as a way to get rid of arthritis pain. Hydrotherapy showed productive because applying hot water on the painful joint raises the pain level, relaxes the muscles and reduces inflammations.  Short after a new method of treating arthritis pain started – applying hot wax and crèmes on the joints. The method is also known as paraffin therapy.

What is paraffin
Paraffin or paraffin wax is transparent to white solid that is a derivate of petroleum. It is solid on room temperature and begins melting somewhere over 37 degrees Celsius. The boiling point is at 370 degrees Celsius. It has amazing thermal properties. It is used mostly for lubrication, and for candle making.  Paraffin wax is used in so called paraffin therapy for treating pain in the joints

What is paraffin therapy

Paraffin therapy is a treatment of the painful parts with a help of oil based wax. This treatment uses warmed up oil based wax that has good thermo therapeutically properties. The wax has very high heat capacity and low conductivity. When the wax is heated it is applied to painful parts like arms, legs, knees and joints.

Benefits of paraffin therapy
Paraffin treatment soothes chronic pain in the joints, relaxes the muscles and increases blood flow in the treated area. The treatment can improve the mobility of the joints and the patient that suffers from arthritis, bursitis or similar diseases that causes pain and stiffness. After the paraffin treatment the skin on the treated area is smooth and soft. This treatment can also be beneficial for skin people with diseases such as psoriasis.


How does it work
This paraffin treatment is a form of deep heat therapy. Liquid paraffin wax is very efficient in absorbing and retaining the heat. When you dip your hand or foot, in paraffin bath, the heat is transferred from the wax to the painful area and after that it hardens like a glove. The heat increases circulation and removes the pain and stiffness. At the same time the heat opens the pores and increases the circulation in the outer layers of the skin. This is the main reason paraffin is also beneficial for the skin and can make it soft and smooth.


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