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High blood pressure is very common health condition these days. It is mostly a consequence of stressful and unhealthy life that we life. In certain percentage the high blood pressure is a consequence of genetics. But no matter what the cause is, the most important is to keep the blood pressure under control and to get regular checkups because people that have high blood pressure are more prone to heart diseases.

For all that have high blood pressure there are some amazing natural drink that can regulate and keep under control the high blood pressure.


It is essential drink for human body. Many diseases and disorders that we suffer are a result of insufficient water intake. A recent study also confirmed the link between high blood pressure and low water intake.  People that suffer from high blood pressure should drink 1-2 glasses of water every morning and keep drinking it during the day. Adult organism needs at least 1,2 liters of water a day. The best choice is spring or tap cleaned water.

Celery juice
Celery is amazing help for hypertension and has no side effects even if you use medication. This vegetable contains active substances that naturally relax the muscles in the walls of arteries and around them. The same beneficial substances lower blood pressure and help to keep heart health by reducing production of stress hormones. Celery also contains significant amounts of magnesium, potassium and calcium that are known to calm down the nervous system.

Beetroot juice

according to experts in the field, nitrate is the thing that makes this vegetable so healthy. It is rich in nitrates that transform in nitrites in the process of digestion and are then transported through the body organs.  Nitrates from the beetroot juice have beneficial effect on the health of cardiovascular organs by increasing the level of nitric oxide in the blood. Beetroot juice is as effective as nitrate capsules because they both lower the blood pressure in 24 hours.

Cranberry juice
cranberry juice is beneficial for inflammations of the bladder but also for high blood pressure. It contains a wide range of flavonoids that can reduce the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases. If you are trying to lower the blood pressure with a diet than include the cranberry juice, it is healthy, beneficial for hypertension and also low in calories which make it appropriate for a diet.

a cup of yogurt a day reduces the risk of high blood pressure by 30 percent. Yogurt contains calcium that allows the blood vessels to expand and maintain the pressure in the normal range. People who use yogurt every day significantly lower the chance of developing hypertension.


Hibiscus tea
Hibiscus tea is beneficial for the heart and the blood vessels.  Hibiscus tea contains anthocyanins, that help creating collagen in the blood vessels. Collagen increases the strength and elasticity of the blood vessels. With only 3 cups of hibiscus tea the blood pressure will lower.  But however the tea itself will not help much if you don’t take care of what you eat. Moderate diet and physical activities will also be beneficial in your fight against high blood pressure. Temporary use of hibiscus tea expands blood vessels, accelerates the disposal of liquids, and decreases blood pressure levels.


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