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People that are on a diet avoid bananas because there is a general opinion that bananas contribute to getting overweight more than other fruits. But is it really like that?

Is banana good for weight loss?
Just like other fruits bananas are low in calories and rich in nutrients like potassium, zinc, vitamin A, B and C and dietary fiber that will make the feeling of satiety last longer. Bananas contain less water than other fruits, which means they have more carbohydrates.


They don’t contain fats but they contain sugar. If we eat too much bananas it will not be turned to energy, but will instead be stored in the liver in a form of fat. Therefore it is important not to exaggerate with bananas because you can get fat. But that stands for every food. Bananas are good to eat in the morning so that you can provide your body with all needed energy for the daily routine. It is enough to eat 2-3 bananas a day. They are good before exercise and sportsman use them regularly. If you eat bananas regularly avoid other fruits and lower the amount of other food if you don’t want to get overweight.


So bananas really can help you lose weight. There is a diet plan that includes bananas and water.
A couple from Japan has a book about this way of dieting and the concept is called Mourning banana diet. The diet is proven to be effective, according to the author, who lost 18 kilograms.  So the plan is very simple. You eat 1-2 bananas in the morning and drink warm water. During the rest of the day you can eat any food you want but if you want to loose weight you better be careful and eat healthy meals. This is because bananas contain resistant starch that helps weight loss. The resistant starch does not dissolve in the process of digestion, but just passes through the digestive organs and ferments. It helps production of certain fatty acids that feed the cells of the digestive organs and keep them healthy.

How should your menu look like?
There are no rules here only recommendations. It is recommended that you drink a glass of lukewarm water after you wake up so that you can start up your metabolism. You can eat one banana 20 minutes after, and wait for another 20 minutes. If you still feel hungry eat another one banana. And that is all you need until lunch. Then eat your lunch and dinner as you always do. Your last meal should be at 8 pm and no more eating after that. You should go to bed by midnight. Don’t drink alcohol and it is good to avoid dairy and meat products and stick only to fruits and vegetables. You can eat some fruit if you feel hunger between meals.

Why to choose this diet?
This is mainly healthy diet. Bananas are rich in fiber and potassium that provides you with energy. Bananas are cheap. When you eat regular breakfast you avoid overeating later in the day. If you don’t drink coffee this diet will stabilize the level of glucose in the blood and that way regulate your appetite. A glass of water on empty stomach wakes up the metabolism and avoiding food after 8 pm stop craving for midnight snacks.


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