Ginger water wraps for arthritis and rheumatism

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Ginger is the spice that has amazing use in traditional and alternative medicine. People used it as a remedy to warm up the body from cold and flu fevers. It has also shown great results in treating health conditions like thrombosis, rheumatism, sciatica, arthritis and similar.

Ginger contains the phytonutrients known as gingeroles. They are known for their ability to fight inflammations.  Ginger also contains chemical compounds that can make the human immune system to react properly. Ginger contains a form of salicylate that turn to Salicylic acid that prevents secretion of compounds that cause pain and discomfort in the body. Scientific study compared ginger to world’s leading anti inflammatory medication and it showed that ginger has the similar effects.


When it is up to arthritis and rheumatism treatment, you can use ginger two ways. First is ginger water and the other is as wrappings. Both are effective and can set you free from pain caused by these diseases.

Ginger water

To prepare ginger water you need a ½ of tablespoon of minced dried ginger or ginger powder and put it in 150 ml of boiling water. Mix it well and let it cool down. Drink ginger water twice a day for one month.

 Ginger water wraps
You can also use ginger to make wrappings for affected painful areas of your body. You need 30-40 grams of dried ginger or 100-140 grams of fresh ginger root. Grate the ginger and put it in a cloth bag. Seal the bag and put it in boiling water for 5 minutes. Then soak a cotton cloth in the water and squeeze out the excess water. Place the cloth on the affected area and cover with another towel to keep it warm. Replace the wrappings every 5-10 minutes no more than three times. Make sure the water is always warm. You can also use the same water to massage the affected parts of the body; it will improve the circulation and relieve the pain.

Ginger water wraps for arthritis and rheumatism

These ginger water wrappings can help you with arthritis and rheumatism pain and they are also good to treat back pain, menstrual cramps, and stiffness in the neck and ginger water has positive effects on toothaches, asthma and kidney stones.


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