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Migraine is a chronic, episodic type of headache. It symptoms last from 4 to 72 hours and can be very strong. It appears in a form of pulsating pain very often on one side of the head. The pain is followed by symptoms like nausea, sensitivity to light, sounds and smell.

What causes migraine?
People that are intelligent, ambitious, temperamental, sensitive, that have too many obligations that they want to end up a short a period of time are most affected by migraine.  Stress is also a factor that is linked to migraine headaches.  Some other factors like changes of weather fronts or excess exposure to heat, sunlight or cold can be a cause of migraine. Even though it is impossible to determine what exactly causes migraine there is a need to know the right cause and to stay away from it in order to stop the painful attacks. Migraine is a benign recurrent headache and it is not linked with any kind of serious disease or health condition. it starts appearing in the early twenties and can  be a part of your life up until seventies

How to identify migraine?
Migraine can be often replaced with sinusitis and any other form of headache it is important to know the symptoms to determine is what is bothering you really a migraine. When you feel throbbing, deep in your head and feel pain on one side of the head. You feel sick and vomit every time you have headache, the pain is excruciating and can last from hours to days. You have problem with eyes, you see everything darker or can’t see at all. You look pale and exhausted. These are all indications that your headache is migraine and it is very important for you to learn how to treat it and heal it.

Is migraine linked with vitamin deficiency?
According to new study, many young people who suffer from migraines often have mild vitamin deficiency, and vitamin D, riboflavin (vitamin B2) and coenzyme Q10. Knowing this, we have to ask is there a possibility that migraine can be healed with a help of vitamin supplements or adding food rich in vitamins to daily nutrition. The study also showed that  girls and young women who suffer from migraines often have coenzyme Q10 deficiency while boys and young men lack of vitamin D.

some previous studies also concluded that certain vitamins and vitamin deficiency can be identified as a cause for migraine.

Can vitamin D cure migraine?
Long ago we believed that vitamin D deficiency can only cause rickets. With years of research, scientists came to conclusion that deficiency of vitamin D affects nearly every system of the body, including the brain.
The study that is trying to prove that vitamin D deficiency causes migraines is still in progress, several recent studies stated that 40% of people with migraines have low levels of vitamin D. another one suggested that migraine headaches affect people when you reduce the amount of sunlight and with it decreases the levels of vitamin D.
Scientists have also recently discovered that several areas of the brain (including the hypothalamus) have receptors for vitamin D, as well as enzymes that help convert it into a form that our body can use. This fact h explains why the lack of this vital vitamin can contribute to migraines. If the scientists manage to prove the link between vitamin D deficiency and migraine headaches, the treatment of this condition will be facilitated.

If you suffer from chronic migraine, talk to your doctor about testing levels of vitamin D in your body. The current recommendation is 600 IU vitamin D per day for teens and adults. But it does not to be in a form of synthetic supplements, vitamin D can also be found in a variety of foods, although in much smaller quantities than you would get from the sun. Vitamin D is found in milk, mushrooms and fish such as salmon and tuna.


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