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This is one healthy, tasty and very nutritious natural cure that is effective in treating cough and also has beneficial effect on the stomach. It is especially good for children and very effective. The season of sore throat followed by boring and persistent cough is here and the most affected are the little ones.

Kid’s immune system is not yet properly formed and therefore they are exposed to constant attacks of bacteria, viruses and other disease causing agents.  There is a variety of cough syrups on the market that are effective but a lot of them have very bad side effects because they contain codeine. So if your children and you struggle with constant boring cough you can try this remedy. It is 100% natural, it is effective and with no side effects.



To prepare the remedy you will need these ingredients:
2 medium size ripe bananas (it is best if you have those very ripe bananas that are covered with dark dots);
2 tablespoons honey. You can also use sugar but I think that honey is a better alternative. (If you are using honey, be careful not to put it in hot mass because it will lose all its benefits when you expose it to very high temperature), and 400 ml of boiling water

.How to prepare the banana remedy:
Peel the bananas and  mash them with a fork or a spoon. Use plastic or wooden spoon because the mash will become dark if it gets in contact with metal. First time I made the remedy I mashed the bananas with a blender and it didn’t turn out well. Therefore stick to a fork. Then pour boiling water over the mashed and cover the bowl. Let it rest and cool down for half an hour. Then add the honey and mix it all well. If you decide to use sugar mix it into the mash before the water. You can strain it before drinking if you want it to look more homogeny but it is not necessary.

How to use the remedy
From these ingredients you will get enough remedy for one day. Divide it in four doses and drink it while is lukewarm. Heat it up a little before you consume it. The next day make another dose. It is very easy to prepare and in a few days you will feel significant relief.

How does it work
Banana is a fruit that can provide you with instant dose of energy which is very important when you are sick. It has the ability to keep the body temperature under control and because it is potassium rich fruit  it is good to eat while you are sweating and vomiting(flu). B vitamin is good to calm you down and to regulate the blood pressure.

Honey is the nature’s best remedy. With anti bacterial, anti viral and anti inflammatory properties it works perfect in this mixture.


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