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It is nature’s most famous antibiotic with a number of benefits for the human organism. Garlic has been used as food and as folk’s medicine for thousands of years. A lot of recipes of the ancient Egyptians included garlic as a treatment for a variety of diseases, starting from infections to physical weakness of organism.

Ancient Greek Olympians used garlic to improve their performance at the Olympic Games. The Romans gave it to the soldiers and workers.  Ayurvedic medicine in India uses garlic to treat rheumatism and as heart disease prevention, and in Japan and China has always been used as cure for high blood pressure.


People of a lot of cultures used honey as a nature’s remedy in history; the west world slowly replaces it with antibiotics at the middle of 20th century. But in the past few years seems like we are starting to recognize the real value of natural organic honey and its powerful effects on our health. One of the reasons that honey is re-recognized as powerful remedy is its power to treat infections resistant to medication.
Honey has high antiseptic and anti-toxic properties which show in its abilities to heal wounds. It also can absorb moisture and acts antibacterial which means it prevents pathogenic infection at it source not allowing it to spread in the body. People used to say that it has the ability to draw out toxins when infected wounds are treated.

How to make garlic and honey tonic


To prepare this healing tonic you need one garlic head and 250 ml of honey.

Crash the garlic head and peel off the cloves and then finely chop them. You can use garlic crusher instead chopping. Then put it in a mortar and keep beating it until the garlic becomes translucent. Then put it in a clean glass jar with the honey and mix it all well. Use plastic or wooden spoon. Close the jar and mark it.

How to use garlic and honey tonic

If you are using it as prevention take ½ teaspoon a day of the tonic. If treating acute infection then eat ½ a teaspoon up to six times a day. You can use it alone or along with ginger and lemon tea or apple cider vinegar.
This tonic is used to treat colds, fevers, and cough, infections of all kinds, as well as cuts and abrasions.


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