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Variety of scientific studies on compounds present in onions is showing that they are so strong and can be used to treat many different diseases.

These compounds have ability to fight with various types of tumor, improves function of hormones, strengthen the immune system, but also to protect the nerve and cardiovascular system. And that is just a beginning.
Onions has an incredible impact on cholesterol, balances blood pressure, prevents hardening of the arteries and improves the elasticity of blood vessels. In addition, the onion has a feature that allows it to modify blood sugar, which is of great help in the fight against type 2 diabetes and obesity.

onion remedy


Onion has antibacterial properties and eliminates toxins from the body. It is full of flavonoid called quercetin, which acts as an antioxidant, antihistamine, anti-inflammatory agent and a reduction of cholesterol. The largest concentration of these flavonoids is the part closest to the base of the bulbs and rings closest to the surface.
It is recommended that you consume only organically grown onions. We present you the healthiest recipes for treatment involving onion:

Pain in the ears and the accumulation of wax
Because of its powerful anti-inflammatory properties, onion significantly reduces pain in the ear. If you often hurt your ear or wax accumulates in the ear, put a little onion marrow in the ear. This will soften the wax and it will be easier to remove it. Put onions in the ear before you go to sleep and results will be visible soon

High temperature
Slice potatoes and onions add a little minced garlic and put the mixture in socks. Put the socks on the patient’s feet and put him to bed. Soak a towel with apple cider vinegar and put it on patient’s forehead. In an hour the temperature will drop

Eye irritation
In case of eye irritation cut a piece of onion so it can make you cry. This will drive the irritant from your eye. The important thing is not to rub your eyes because you will make things worse, and they may even start to hurt.

Take one larger onion, peel it and cut it in half. Put the two halves in one spoon of brown sugar. Let it stay for one hour, and then drink the juice that is released while the onions were standing in the sugar. Drink this twice a day.

Another option is to prepare the juice of honey and onions. Honey will soothe your cough, and onion is good for it antibacterial properties.

Common cold
Onions have always been used to treat colds. You can eat raw onion when you notice the first signs of a cold, and you can and cook and drink as a tea with ginger and honey.

Onions will heal burns very fast without leaving scars. Cut onion in half and place it on the burns. Leave it for two minutes and you will feel improvement after just one minute. Then whip egg white, apply it on the burn and leave to dry and form a protective layer. Finally, cover the burn with clean gauze, which can be replaced if necessary.

Insect stings and bites
If you have a bee or wasp sting, you must first remove the stinger from the skin. Then, take the grated or minced onion and put it on the bitten place. It will soon start shrinking and natural antihistamine will prevent the allergic reaction, because onions have anti-inflammatory properties.

First, apply a piece of onion on a cut, to clean it and prevent infection. Then put a onion skin over the cut to protect it. The wound will be clean and bleeding will soon stop.
For larger cuts, place a small piece of gauze or a medical plaster to attach the onion on the cuts. Change the gauze twice a day.

Boil milk and pour a thin slice of white bread. Then grate onion on bread and mash it all up. Clean the infected area and apply the resulting paste on the site of infection. Sit still for a while so that the paste could solidify.
Don’t touch the site of infection because it will start to react in few hours. The wound must be cleaned regularly and repeat the entire process until the infection is completely be healed.

Surgical wounds
Onion is strong and effective natural remedy that can heal wounds without the use of additional drugs. It is especially good because it prevents scarring, and it can cure dark spots on the skin.


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