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If you decide for natural care for your face it depends on the season and what kinds of ingredients are available to you at the given moment. But if you chose natural care you need to know some facts and have in mind how some ingredients work on the skin and then you can always bring out the best of everything that nature has to offer. To achieve the effect of beautiful, nourished and glowing skin there are a few tips that you need to be aware of and utilize them so you can get results you hope for.

Natural care of skin starts with water. Water is the most abundant element in nature, and it is also element that our body is made from. You need water to keep your skin clean, but at the same time you need it to keep the skin hydrated and give it healthy and natural look. When you wash the skin don’t wipe it with towel, let it dry naturally so it can reach the level of hydration it needs. Another natural product that will help with skin hydration is cucumber. When the skin is completely clean and dried apply thin circles of cucumber. This will hydrate and refresh your skin and make it glow.


You want even face complexion and lighter skin then you need strawberries. They are very effective for prevention of blemishes and their further spreading as well as evening the face complexion. That is the main reason to eat them as much as you can when their season comes.

Lemon is also very effective to lighten your skin. It will also prevent and remove blemishes and provide nice light skin. Mix a juice of half lemon and half liter of water. Wash the face with this mixture every day but you have to be careful and prevent contact with your eyes.

For deep cleaning of the face you can prepare and use natural face scrubs. One very simple thing you can use is corn flour. You just need to mix a tablespoon of corn flour and some warm water. Mix it all until it forms spreadable liquid mass. Apply it on the face and gently rub in with circular movements. Then rinse it off with warm water. Corn flour not only creates and provides the effect of exfoliating, but it also feeds the skin with vitamin B. This vitamin is involved in the natural composition of the skin and it makes the skin glowing, velvety and healthy.

You can use cooled sage tea for face disinfection. If you have blemishes, sage is great solution especially if the pimples are a result of contact of the face with dirt and bacteria. Wash the face with cool sage tea and you will remove any negative microorganisms and bacteria from your face.

Chamomile tea is wonderful natural treatment for soothing the skin. Wash the face with cold chamomile tea after you remove the makeup, before you go to bed and when your skin is tired. It is also a good every day treatment that will provide you with healthy glowing skin


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