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You don’t have to starve if you want look good. There are a lot of scientific studies that confirm that even 70% of people that starve themselves with hard diets, actually gain weight after the diet is over. Maybe things will change if we start treating obesity as a behavioral problem.

People that are overweight very often gain extra weight holding a diet. And if we look at it is possible. The period when you are constantly counting calories, avoiding carbohydrates and following strict diet plans you are starving and torturing your body. When you finish the diet, after weeks of torture, your body feels a need to make up for the period of starvation. Diets have tendency to slow down the metabolism and the body looks for food all the time. That is the main reason that you gain weight when you are dieting.


The problem of overweight can be treated with a different approach. There is no need of diet rules, calorie counting and avoiding any kind of food.
You can try a little different approach and follow a system that is a process of psychological and behavioral changes, and listen to what your body tells you. Following these rules you will significantly lose weight naturally and you will stay healthy.

If you are ready keep reading:

Eat when you are hungry!
If you are not sure whether you are hungry or not, then you’re not hungry! When you are hungry you will feel the need for food and then you need to eat until you are full. When you are really hungry the food will taste better.


Eat what your body wants
Wild animals are looking for food that they need to have so they can provide the body with enough vitamins, minerals, salts, proteins, fats and carbohydrates. They don’t think about it, they are just following their own instincts. Our bodies have the same instinct, but, unfortunately, our thoughts are sometimes faster than the instincts.
If you see a photo of hamburger you think that you are hungry and you are not. Ask yourself what your body wants – that’s the whole wisdom. When you learn to listen to your body, you will eat less but you will not be hungry.

Enjoy every bite
Scientists around the world that are examining the conscious eating came to similar conclusion that if we think of food during a meal we eat less. But it is not that important as it is to enjoy every bite. When you notice that you stopped enjoying it, stop eating and don’t eat anything else. Don’t watch TV, read a book, solve crossword, drive a car, talk on the phone or surf on the net- Just eat and enjoy the food.

Stop when you are full
Stop eating when you are full. Sometimes people eat because they have emotional problems and then they ignore the signals that their body sends them that they are actually full. If you are stressed, distracted don’t eat automatically. Food will not solve your problems nor provide you a comfort.

For the end we are not getting weight because we eat everything, but because we eat too much and that is the main reason that we have to learn to eat when we are hungry and stop when we are full.


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