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Did you know that you can find out a lot about your health condition only with one glimpse at your tongue? And if you take a good look at it you can discover how your body functions, what are critical points and alarming authorities that need urgent need help.
This diagnostic method is practiced by the Chinese folk medicine as well as Ayurveda.

The tongue is the mirror of the body and certain parts of it link to organs in the body. Changes in color of the tongue and tissue deposits on some parts will tell you the condition of your body, and where toxins accumulate. All you have to do is pay attention. Although high performance analysis of tongue requires skills, knowledge and years of experience, some health problems can generally discover them, with the help of this simple test. Look at your tongue in the morning right after you wake up.



The important thing is to know how a healthy tongue looks like before you can see if there is something wrong with it.

Healthy tongue has pink color which indicates a healthy blood supply. It has no dark or pale areas, just straight pink color.


Healthy tongue is elastic and supple. Its surface is smooth, not cracked, swollen or thinned. A tongue that trembles is flabby or too strong points to problems in the body.


Healthy tongue has no plaque or any kind of noticeable layers of white. Very visible white deposits are a sign of toxins and excessive consumption of dairy products, while brown, gray and dark spots indicate problems with digestion, kidney or liver problems.


Healthy tongue is slightly moist, not dry or too moist.
The veins under the tongue
They are not extended are barely visible and bright color. Dark-blue and purple veins indicate a health problem.



Just one look at your tongue and you can discover how your organs work, where toxins are accumulated, if you have thyroid problems, anemia, is your body using nutrients, parasite infection and inflammations.



This are the signs that you can notice and what do they mean

Deposits in the back of the tongue
Deposits that are located close to the roots of the tongue are a sign of digestion problems and point to toxins or parasites accumulated in the intestine.

Deposits at the edges of the tongue root

This is a sign that the kidneys are overloaded with toxins and may indicate a beginning of a serious illness. The deposits can be white, darker, brown or very bright colors.

Clear middle area of the tongue, surrounded by layers or red spots
When the center of the tongue is red, surrounded by layers, sometimes with a small dimple in this region. This indicates on sensitive heart in both senses. In physical sense it is a sign of overloading the body with toxins from the bloodstream. In spiritual sense it is a sign of unresolved grief, despair and depression which is manifested in the whole organism.

Reddish spots on the edges, through the tip of the tongue
It is pointing to problems with the lungs and difficulty breathing but it can also be a sign of a beginning of depression.

White or brownish spots on the edges of the tongue, through the tip
this means you have problems with the lungs, which are clogged with secretions, and diseases such as bronchitis.

Dark deposits with black dots on the edges of the tongue, through the top
This is Indication of pneumonia and similar serious problems that need immediate solution.

Tongue with signs of teeth
This is a sign of disturbed digestion, and inability of the body to get all needed nutrients, food allergy, inflammation of the digestive system, bad diet etc. This happens because the toxins remain in the body because of improper digestion and the tongue enlarges and teeth leave trances on it.

White deposits in the center of the tongue
This is a sign of toxins in the intestine.

White deposits or red area in the center of the tongue
This means that there is dirt and the accumulated toxins in the small intestine, or in the entire digestive system.

Tongue with cracked parts
Indicates poor digestion, slow work of the small and large intestines and problems with the nervous system. This can also be a sign of intolerance to certain foods, such as those that contain gluten. At the same time, this is indication that your body suffers hard mental conditions, such as fear, insomnia, and anxiety.

Tongue is shaky
A sign of emotional instability – fear, uncertainty and anxiety.

Line through the middle of the tongue
The line in the middle of the tongue, starting from the root and almost to the top, may indicate problems with the spine, and is also linked to emotional causes. It is a sign of accumulated tension and stress that has a physical manifestation. If the line is stretching through just one part of tongue it may mean that specific organ is affected by stress.
Deposits on the edge on the right side of the tongue
This points to problems with the functioning of the spleen whose work is weakened by disease or toxins.
The deposits can be brighter, white, or dark brownish color. They are similar to traces of coffee but they don’t wash off so easily.

Deposits on the edge of tongue on the left side
This is a sign of liver and bladder problems and may indicate that they are full of toxins or fat. Is is also a sign of excessive use of drugs. The deposits may vary in color and shade but they say check the liver function.

Enlarged tongue
It may be a sign improper work of the thyroid gland, retention of fluid in the body, as well as toxins that the body can’t expel.


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