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There is something inside of people that makes us wish to stay young and keep the same appearance we had even though years and years pass. Some even do unexplained and even bizarre things just to look young.

And even though we know that we can’t win in the fight against the process of aging there are still some things we can do to slow it down and maintain that youthful appearance we all wish for.
Collagen is a protein that plays a key role in providing toned and youthful appearance of the skin. During the year, its level decreases and wrinkles appear as a result of that. After 25 years of age we begin to notice the first signs of aging, and instead of reaching for expensive cosmetics to nourish the  skin, we have to start  from the inside.


There are foods that are rich in collagen and they are a best ally in the fight against wrinkles. All that we have to do is bring them to our nutrition. So you don’t have to waste all those large amounts of money because these foods can swipe away the traces of years from your face.

Dermatologists say that water, retinol based creams, avoiding the sun when it is strongest and good nutrition is the best protection for the skin from premature aging. Blueberries are must have on your daily menu because they have positive benefits on the skin and on the brain. They are rich in polyphenols, antioxidants that provide the elasticity of the skin, stimulate collagen production and reduce wrinkles.

This fish that is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, that prevent appearing of redness, swelling and drying the skin. Dry skin breaks easier and wrinkles start appearing earlier. You have to bring this fish on your menu at least twice a week.


A scientific research showed that regular consumption of soy reduces the appearance of fine lines around the eyes. After only six months of regular use of soy the respondents of the research noted the first changes. The wrinkles and the dark circles around the eyes were reduced.

This vegetables is rich in lutein, which provides the skin with higher amounts of oxygen and vitamin A. That prevents premature aging and improves skin tone. Kale is excellent choice for every day because you can add it in the dishes, salads and smoothies.

It contains ingredients that are successfully fighting with wrinkles. Ellagic acid prevents the operation of  free radicals that destroy skin, punicalagin stimulates the production of collagen and vitamin C, which protects the skin from sun damage.

They help removing the wrinkles and are ideal for dry skin. Carrot is rich in vitamins A and C, which prevent damage from free radicals and irritation of skin. Bioflavonoids  help  the water to stay longer in the skin.

Acai berries
They contain twice more antioxidants than blueberries. They also contain omega-3, omega-6 and omega-9 acids that have anti inflammatory properties. These acids moisturize the skin and prevent it from drying. They also strengthen the muscle tissue and reduce the risk wrinkles.

Apples are rich in vitamins A, C and E, which protect the body against free radicals responsible for skin aging. They also contain pectin, which improves skin tone and reduces the risk of premature wrinkles. It is recommended to eat at least an apple a day.


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