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There are so many ways you can lose weight and maintain the weight loss achieved, and they all have something in common: there is no way you can lose weight without lowering calorie intake, changes in the nutrition and physical activity.

Fast diets that are so popular don’t show a way how to maintain the weight that you lost the time you were dieting. And everyone that has been submitted to any type of diet plan knows that dropping kilograms is the easiest thing but staying thin is hard. Even scientific researches confirmed that only 10% of people succeed to maintain their weight after a diet.


To keep the body weight in balance it is enough to make small changes in your life habits that will ensure you will have lower calorie intake. That way your weight will be in control, and your body and mind healthy. We have here few tips that can make your dream of healthy and fit body a reality:
Observe your eating habits. Do you eat before going to bed or while you are cooking? Do you finish your children’s meals? If you do stop this immediately because sometimes just causal snacking and cleaning kid’s plates can provide you with the same amount of calories you obtain during a meal.
Eat regular meals. It is easy to determine the frequency of meals that is suitable and follow the schedule. Regular meals are a prevention of hypoglycemia and overeating.


Eat slowly. Chew each bite and try to enjoy the taste of food. Leave the fork after every bite and drink plenty of water with the meal. It takes 20 minutes for your brain to get the signal from the stomach that you are full.

Do not eat after dinner. A lot of people get overweight this way.  If you are hungry, try non-calorie drinks, water or apple. Brushing teeth after dinner reduces the temptation to eat again.
Consider everything you consume as mini meal. People that try to change eating habits have to know that not only food but also drinks have to be considered as calories. Consumption of alcohol, soft drinks and other processed juices contain high amount of calories. Half a liter of Coca-Cola contains about 200 calories, and a glass of beer at least 150. If you drink two in one day it is the same as you ate one whole meal.


Start your day with breakfast. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. After a full night of rest your body needs fuel to start the metabolism and provide you with the energy for your daily activities.

You don’t always have to eat the food that is offered
.  If people in your environment are not clear that you want to lose weight and change your lifestyle then it is up to you to say: no”. Maybe it is not polite in some parts of the world but remember it is for your own good,


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