10 Reasons Why Everyone Should Eat An Apple A Day

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We have learned through life that the best medicine for human health is the ones provided by nature. We are still learning about all the benefits of the natural remedies and learning how to use them right way. When we talk about healthy fruit we have to include apple as probably one of the healthiest fruits.

It is the queen of all season fruit. Apple is healthy and healthy fruit. In many cultures, apple is considered the elixir of life. In the 16th century the number of apple species was 200, while today the number is about 8000 species of apples.
Apple belongs to the rose family and originates from southern Siberia and Central Asia and Eastern Europe, and it is spread all throughout the world.

10 Reasons Why Everyone Should Eat An Apple A Day
Even in the Middle Ages people knew that besides nutritional, apples also have health benefits. Not only the fruit but also flowers and leaves are also used as remedy.
One apple is like a treasure chest of nutrients and vitamins and minerals. It is rich in fiber. One apple contains 20% of the daily recommended amount of fiber. Fibers from apple reduce harmful cholesterol and prevent heart diseases. Apple is rich in vitamins C, A, E, K and B. Also contains essential minerals like potassium, magnesium, phosphorus and iron). It contains lactic, citric and malic acids that help in the process of digestion. It supplies the body with energy, prevents fatigue and clears the mind. Apple before bedtime will provide you peaceful and restful sleep. Apple has great energy value. It is mostly water that vitamins and minerals are solved in. You must know that if you eat apple after a meal when there is fermentation in the digestive system, the apple looses all the nutritional and health benefits.


Prevents colon cancer
According to recent studies, when the natural fibers from apple ferment in the large intestine, they create a formation of compounds that prevents the formation of cancer cells.

Stabilizes blood sugar
Apples are a rich source of soluble fiber, which slows down digestion and entry of glucose in the bloodstream. A recent study shows that women who eat at least one apple a day are 28% less likely to develop diabetes than women who do not eat them.

Improves the health of gums
For a long time they are called natural toothbrush. Although consumption of apples does not clean teeth, her biting and chewing stimulates the right, but the sweetness of apples increases the production of saliva, which reduces tooth decay by lowering the levels of bacteria in the mouth.

Prevents high blood pressure
A recent research shows that adults who eat at least two apples a day were less likely to develop hypertension and up to 37% compared to those who do not eat them.

Helps lose weight
Apples are mostly water and soluble fiber and after you eat an apple you will not feel so much hunger. Research shows that women who eat three apples a day easily eliminate excess weight.

Protect against heart disease
Fresh apple is an ideal snack. Apples are a rich source of flavonoids – antioxidants that prevent heart diseases. To get the most of the apple don’t peel it.

Reduce high cholesterol
Apples contain very few calories, but they are very rich in soluble fiber, pectin, which helps lower bad cholesterol that damages arteries.

Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease
Apples help in prevention of Alzheimer’s disease and similar degenerative diseases. The phytonutrients, polyphenols and anti-oxidants from apples protect the cells from the kind of free radicals that can cause Alzheimer’s disease.

Improve Respiratory Health
Apples improve respiratory health. It is also proven that they decrease asthmatic symptoms in children with regular consumption.

Improve Bone Health
The flavonoids from apples increase bone density and improve conditions like osteoporosis. Apples also contain boron, element that is important for bone health.


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