Black cumin seeds or black seeds has been known as a folk remedy and has been used for a long time as a remedy for suppression of dangerous toxins.

The Egyptians were the first to realize how powerful black cumin seed and it oil are. The oldest archaeological remains of black seeds oil have been discovered in the tomb of the Pharaoh Tutankhamun, which means that the ancient Egyptians cultivated black cumin for more than 3300 years.
Arab culture has taken over the cultivation and processing of black cumin seeds, calling it “seed of blessing.” In the modern world the studies about these seeds date from 1964. In 50 years over 450 studies were published, everyone explaining the benefits of this magical plant.
Thanks to valuable studies of the scientist we can now be sure that we can use these seeds as a remedy for so many diseases. According to scientific researches, black cumin seeds have a variety of natural and non-toxic compounds that can effectively destroy or mitigate 600 different diseases and conditions, including treatment of people who are poisoned of the modern biological weapons or people who have a life-threatening infection as MRSA.
These seeds have variety of healing properties for human health. They can successfully treat all these conditions:


Damage caused by radiation
Black cumin seeds oil and its active component timokinon protect tissues from the effects of radiation. It’s amazing how this oil has a preventive and restorative property and can even restore damage on the radiated brain tissue.

HIV and hepatitis
In August 2013, a study was published in the scientific journal African Journal of Traditional Complementary and Alternative Medicine. The study explained the effect of black cumin seeds to patients suffering from HIV. After simple treatment they recovered and there was not a trace of these diseases in their blood serum.

Protects against the negative effects of a heart attack
We are still not familiar with the way timokinon renews the cellular tissue but it has properties to prevent from the devastating effects of heart attack.

Prevents kidney failure caused by diabetes
Timokinon has powerful properties against nephrosis caused by diabetes.

Type II diabetes
Consuming two grams of black cumin seeds a day successfully reverses the symptoms of this disease.

Black cumin seeds reduce or stop seizures caused by this disease because they have strong anti-convulsive properties.

High blood pressure
Regular use of 100-200 grams of black cumin seed extract for two months, diminishes the effects of high blood pressure in patients with mild form of hypertension.
Timokinon also has anti histaminic powers. It is enough to boil the seeds in some water and inhale the fumes that will relax and clear the respiratory tract.

Inflammation of the throat and tonsils is usually caused by viruses. Black cumin seeds have anti viral properties and the powder of these seeds mixed with honey and lemon juice helps in quick and effective destruction of the viruses.

Poisoning caused by chemicals
Inhaling steams of black seeds in boiling water can reduce respiratory problems caused by chemical poisoning. It can also regenerate lung tissue, clean the respiratory tract and improve pulmonary function without any synthetic medication.

Bowel cancer
Studies have found that black cumin extract slows the growth of this type of cancer, but it also destroys cancer cells in the intestine. Consuming black cumin oil acts as a potent inhibitor of cancer cell growth in bowels and has no negative side effects on the human body.

MRSA infection
Black cumin seeds have powerful antibacterial activity that can even destroy the most resistant MRSA bacteria.

Negative effects of drug abuse
Black cumin is so effective in killing the addiction as well as negative effects of long time drug abuse.

Postoperative scars
Black cumin seed oil directly applied to operative scars and wounds removes the scars so they are barely visible.

Protects against the neurotoxic effects of Alzheimer’s disease
Timokinon prevents cell apoptosis of neurons in the brain of people with Alzheimer’s disease.

Breast Cancer
Timokinon from black cumin destroys the growth of cancer cells, but also can promote natural death of cancer cells.

Alcoholic extract of black seeds has strong properties against psoriasis and similar disorders.

Parkinson’s disease
Timokinon restores neurons and their connections in the brain and enhances brain function, but most importantly reduces dementia caused by Parkinson’s disease.

Black seeds extract has a strong properties against aggressive cells glioblastoma brain cancer. It not only kills the cancer cells, but it protects and help renewing the healthy cells.

Timokinon induces mitochondrial launched apoptosis of acute lymphoblastic leukemia.

Liver cancer
This powerful compound inhibits the growth of cancer cells of the liver.

Extract of black cumin seeds mixed with alcohol and water, reduces blood sugar and restores pancreatic function.

Poisoning with toxins
Timokinon protects the body from the effects of poisoning, and provides recovery of brain cells that are poisoned by heavy metals.

Cancers of the mouth and esophagus
Timokinon prevents the growth and spreading of cancer cells in a way that promotes cellular apoptosis.

So after you read the entire article you must be wondering if this is all true, why are we not using this ancient remedy and cure all these diseases? It is probably because the natural products cannot be branded and nobody can cash in from them and it is not in their interest to promote these seeds.
So it is the best that you read every possible information on this subject and help yourself if needed.


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