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This here is a recipe for strong drink that has the ability to melt all the extra pounds that you stored on your body.

Besides stimulating weight reduction it can also speed up the metabolism and provide the body with tons of energy that is needed especially if when you are on a diet and work out. Most important is it is so easy and fast to prepare it and it is very tasty.

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This is what you need to prepare the drink:
• 2 apples;
• 2 cinnamon sticks;
• 1 liter of water.

This is how to prepare the drink:

Thoroughly wash the apples. Cut them in to thin slices. Put the apples in a  glass bottle and add the cinnamon sticks. Then pour the water in. Seal the bottle and leave it in the fridge to stay overnight. In the morning you will have your drink ready to use.

This is how to use the drink:

You need to drink the water from the bottle during one day. In the evening pour another liter of water and leave it in the fridge. You can add water to the first dose of apples and cinnamon sticks three times. The fourth time,  add new apples and cinnamon sticks and keep this order. The ideal time to use the drink is 35 days. After that period it is necessary to make a 10 days break and then you can start another round of 35 days.
How does it work?

Apples are full with antioxidants and boost immunity. They are also full of dietary fiber that can lower obesity risk and aid with exercise. The pectin in apples keeps you fuller for longer time.

Cinnamon helps to reduce the blood sugar levels and also speeds up the metabolism of carbohydrates so that they are processed faster.

Water is important because it has the ability to speed up the metabolism and improve absorption of nutrients.


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