If you are not used to have lemons always at your hand and use them regularly, after you read this article they will definitely become the top ingredient in your kitchen.

We present here the secret powers of lemon you might not know about.

1. To whiten your nails soak them in lemon juice for ten minutes. There is a faster alternative to just rub lemon on the nails.
2. If your facial mask or scrubs are not effective in removing blackheads, try with lemon juice. Apply lemon juice on the face every night before you go to bed, and wash the face with cold water in the morning.  After a few days the pores will start to shrink and the blackheads will be less noticeable.
3.  If you want to lighten your hair, hair color is not the only solution. Lemon juice is also a good and more important a natural solution.  Mix 60 ml of lemon juice with 180 ml of water and apply to your hair. To get faster and more effective results dry the hair in the sun

  1. To remove the stains and strong scents from your chopping board squeeze half a lemon on it and rub it in. let it stay for 20 minutes and then wash the board with water.
  2. If your white laundry lost its whiteness next time you wash it add 120 ml of lemon juice in the washer and you will never use chemical bleach again.
  3. If you have sore throat you don’t have to reach out for medicine immediately. Just to mix 60 ml of lemon juice, 340 grams of honey and 120 ml of olive oil. Heat the mixture for five minutes, stir and drink one teaspoon every two hours.
    7. Lemons can help you to get rid of dandruff. For this treatment you need 15 ml of lemon juice that you need to rub on wet hair. Then rub in the shampoo, and afterwards rinse with a mixture of 30 ml of lemon juice and 480 ml of water. Repeat the procedure every other day until the dandruff disappears.
    8. You can restore the shine on your stainless still dishes. All you need to do is sprinkle some salt on a lemon and rub the dishes. Rinse with water and they will look as new.
  4. You prepared a tasty treat but after an hour it does no longer look fresh? Lemon juice is a real salvation! It prevents browning that occurs in certain foods, and your apples and pears will look fresh for hours.
    10. Graters are sometimes almost impossible to clean, because they have all those little holes that get filled with remains of foods that you grated. When you find yourself against this challenge just cut a lemon in half and run it a couple of times on every side of the grater. It will help you get rid of the remaining with minimum effort.
    11. Lemon can also lighten you up. All you need to do is fill a transparent container with this fruit and place it on a visible place. You will lighten up every time when you look at the beautiful color.
  5. You are bothered with cleaning your microwave oven? Just to mix 60 ml of lemon juice and 15 ml of water and apply the mixture inside for five minutes. Then you can easily clean it.
    13. To remove the smell from your kitchen sink drain, mix 60 ml of lemon juice and one teaspoon of baking soda and pour it in. Odors will become history.
    14. Some food is leaving stains on your hands. You can remove them by washing your hands with lemon juice after you finish the job. Your hands will be grateful.


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