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Allergies can occur often and are very unpleasant state. If not treated right way they can cause additional complications and be a serious threat to your health. Allergies are treated with strong antihistaminic medication that have side effect such as tiredness and sleepiness.

Natural medicine has so little to offer on this case. still though we know that the right way to fight allergies is to boost up the immune system still the allergies can sometimes cause such trouble that it is necessary to use medication. There is one recipe for a natural juice that can relieve the condition and even stop it appearance. It is recommended to people that have weakened immunity and is proven to be effective against allergies, especially those that occur in spring.


Here is what you will need to prepare this juice:
1 medium size carrot;
2 large oranges;
1/2 cucumber;
5-10 mint leaves;

20 grams of fresh ginger root.
How to prepare the juice:

Thoroughly wash and peel all needed ingredients. Cut them in smaller pieces and put them in a blender. Add the mint leaves. Mix it all well until it becomes a well homogenized liquid. The recommended daily dose is one glass a day during the morning before you have breakfast.
How does it work?

Carrot has the abilities to improve the immune system and has anti bacterial and anti viral properties.
Oranges protect your immune system because they are a superior source of vitamins C. They are also able to reduce secretion from the nose and health of all tissues in the organism.

Cucumbers are a great source of water and vitamins and minerals and are also good against headaches.
Mint is an excellent natural inhaler for the respiratory system that is most affected with allergies.

Ginger reduces the headaches that can occur as a result of frequent sneezing. It is also powerful antioxidant.


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