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It’s really frustrating when you see that you are getting on weight, and you cannot fit in your favorite jeans . Maybe you didn’t know but there can be a wide variety of causes for this, from hormonal misbalance to deficiencies of certain vitamins. Simply said getting weight is a way our body reacts to factors that we can not control. These are some of them:

Many anti-depressants lead to unwanted weight gain. If you are using them you can expect your weight to slowly go up from 3 to 8 kilograms. If you are not using anti depressants, then it is depression that is causing the weight gain, because it is known that sad and lonely and depressed people eat more comfort food-fat and high calorie food and they are inactive.

Some of medication that we use may cause sudden gain of weight.  contraceptive pills, or  hormone replacement therapy pills can affect weight gain. if you are using steroids, beta blockers , high  blood pressure pills , rheumatoid arthritis or migraine pills, don’t be surprised if your weight goes up.


If you suffer from this disorder it may be the reason you are getting weight. What we consider a normal is to feel the need for defecation two hours after a meal, two times a day is still normal. But if you have irregular defecation you can blame  dehydration, lack of fiber in your nutrition or intestinal flora  for your weight gain.

Cause ‘strange’ weight gain can be  lack of certain nutrients, such as vitamin D, magnesium or  iron that are affecting the immune system, reduce the energy and slow down  the metabolism.


Weight comes along with with the process of aging.  The metabolism slows down by the age of 40-50 and it can’t burn down the same amount of calories as it did when you were 20. This is the main reason you need to reduce the amount of food and start exercise.


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