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You have to satisfy all your daily needs for nutrients in order your body can function normally and stay healthy and energized.
Food is one of the basic necessities that keep us in life. But at times it happens that for a variety of reasons we lose our appetite. Then health conditions occur such as weakness, fever, difficulty to digest the food that we ate.

If these conditions last longer, it may indicate a wide range of severe diseases such as high blood pressure, depression, cancer or similar.
Best way to improve your appetite and boost your immunity in the same time is by nutrition. It is recommended to avoid synthetic pills that are supposed to treat this kind of disorders because they will only provide temporary solution. The best way to improve your appetite and boost immunity is by food. With intake of fresh and natural products and some natural remedies you will achieve your goals very fast. We have here a very simple recipe for natural remedy that will restore your appetite and boost your immune system.


For preparation of the remedy you will need:
100 grams of almonds
100 grams of hazelnuts

100 grams of walnuts
200 grams of flaxseeds
1 kg of polyfloral honey.

Prepare your natural immunity booster like this:
Grind all the fruits and the seeds and then add them in the honey. Mix it all well and then store it in a sealed container on a cold place. You need to eat one tablespoon several times a day.

This natural and energizing remedy will help you restore your lost appetite, improves the immune system and strengthen the body. It is recommended to use it if you lost appetite due to diseases as cancer and chemotherapy, flu, depression, psychosis, infectious diseases, hepatitis, autoimmune diseases and similar.




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