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Vaseline uses are much underestimated even though this simple gel can do so much for every one of us. What is Vaseline used for? Vaseline, or petroleum jelly is used for prevention of skin damages that are caused by wind, it relieves psoriasis, helps with skin allergies, fever, eczema and hemorrhoids.

Can Vaseline be used as a lube?
Vaseline is commonly used as a lubricant. Although it is not recommended it’s usage with condoms because it can dissolve the latex and the chances of rupture are very high. On the other side it does not dry out like water based lubes and does feel different.

Vaseline uses
Vaseline uses for men are most common as nourishment of the skin in genital diseases.
Other uses of Vaseline are as prevention in pollen allergies. You should only rub in some in your nasals and it will prevent the inhalation of pollen. Vaseline is used for removing lice and nits from your hair and it can make removing bubble gum from the hair also easier.
You can get beautiful nails using Vaseline. You should apply on clean hands and rub in bigger amount of Vaseline into your nails. Leave to soak and after wash it off. It helps to remove cuticles and nails grow.
Vaseline uses for baby skin are also recommended. Vaseline is scent and color free and it is perfect for sensitive baby skin. It keeps the skin soft and hydrated and it can also help with irritation in dipper area.
This is what else can Vaseline be used for:
It keeps the scent of the perfume longer on your skin. Before you spray your favorite perfume apply some Vaseline on the spot you want to spray the perfume. The scent will last longer than before.

Vaseline can help you groom your eyebrows. If your eyebrows are ragged and you can’t keep them in one place, apply thin layer of Vaseline on them and it will definitely give them nice shape.

Lip balm. Vaseline is one of the best hydrating gels so you can freely use it as a lip balm. Your lips will be nourished, hydrated and sensual.

You can get longer and fuller eyelashes if you treat them with Vaseline. Use old mascara brush that is washed, and apply thin layer of Vaseline on the lashes. Repeat procedure few days in a row and you are getting longer and fuller eye lashes.

If you have cracked heels and dry foot skin Vaseline is perfect for you. After you rub it on your feet put socks on so it can stay longer on your feet.

Vaseline is the right make up remover for you if you have sensitive skin. It won’t cause any reactions and it is also good for make up that is harder to remove

After waxing if your skin is red and irritated rub Vaseline and let it absorb. The irritation will soon disappear.

Apply some Vaseline on cracked ends and you won’t have to cut your hair.

If you have lipstick marks on your clothes, rub some Vaseline and the stain will disappear.
You colored half of your face with hair color apply Vaseline on the marks and the color is gone.

Your ears hurt when you put and take off your earrings, then rub in some Vaseline and the pain goes away.



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