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Sometimes a common cold can be a start of a very serious health condition. If you recognize these symptoms and react immediately you have the time to treat this serious illness.

High temperature that is over 38 degrees Celsius in grownups is probably a sign of more serious infection than a common cold. Even though high temperature indicates that your immune system is working right, see a doctor just in case.

If you heal and then get sick again in short period, it might be a secondary infection that is taking over your body, because your immune system is weakened by the primary infection.

If you suffer from Intense and hard headaches that affect your concentration make sure you see a doctor soon. This can be a start of a serious disease as meningitis.

If you feel like you are run over by something make sure you see a doctor fast. If you are so exhausted by the flu that you can get out of the bed, it is time to visit the doctor. There are methods to treat exhaustion like re hydration. Don’t waste time feeling helpless go and ask for help.

If you suffer chronic conditions like diabetes, kidney problems or similar you should get doctors help right after you feel the first symptoms of a cold. That way you will prevent possible complications and keep your health in good condition.

If you have irregular heartbeat, this may mean that you are dehydrated, but it can also indicate that disease is affecting your heart tissue.


Make sure you communicate with your doctor if you feel some of these symptoms. Make sure you give him the right disruption of your condition so he can make the right diagnosis. Always have a list of medications you should get and stick to the prescription. You don’t want to cause any unwanted complications.


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