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Low level of iron in the blood indicates that your body is not getting and producing enough of this element. It is a problem that causes a lot of side effects as deaziness, weakness and lack of energy. Medication that are used for this health problem are useless because they are increasing the iron level while you are using them and it drops down right after you stop with the use.

It is for the best to improve the iron level with nutrition and it is recommended regular use of red  meat as the most adequate source of iron. A lot of leafy greens and of course vitamin C in natural form, so that the iron is easily absorbed by the organism.  But there is a huge amount of people that don’t eat meat, especially red meat, there are a lot of other sources of iron that also works good in solving this problem.

iron juice

If you have low level of iron and you are in the group of people that is not a fan of syntetic medication or red meat, this easy and healthy natural juice will help you with your problem.

This is what you will need to prepare it:
1 small cucumber,

½   cup of grapes by your choice,
½  cup of fresh spinach,
2  medium sized kiwis,
½  glass of water.

Preparation metod:
Thoroughly wash all the ingredients. Cut the cucumber into smaller pieces. Peal and chopp the kiwis. Put all the  ingredients  into a blender and mix until you get a homogenized and smooth liquid.  Drink the juice right after you make it while it is fresh. You should drink it on an empty stomach.. This juice is full of antioxidants and fiber, and has multiple health benefits . B Vitamin C found in kiwis helps the absorption of iron from  thespinach. You can drink this juice when you want and as much as you want. With regular use it will help you to increase the level of iron in the blood,  boost your immunity and provide your body with energy.

NOTE: If you are alergic to kiwi replace them with oranges.


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