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Varicose veins are a disease that can be considered as most common in modern world. People between 20 and 40 years suffer the most from this disease. The changes that emerge on the walls of the veins can be very painful. It is mile disease but it can take progressing turn and can cause complications.

The healing of varicose veins can fail in many cases and it is considered to be the more serious medical problem. Bad blood circulation can further complicate the condition of the varicose veins. Modern medicine mostly recommends surgical treatment of the veins. There are also a lot of medicines and creams that are used in treatment. There are also folk medicines that use pure natural ingredients in treating this condition. Most of the treatments mainly just ease the condition temporarily.


Although it is very hard to heal the disease, giving your best can help a lot. Here is one natural recipe for drops that help this condition and improve circulation which is the key to solving the problem.

To prepare these drops you will need:
One liter of quality homemade brandy

50 grams of dried St. John’s wort (Hypericum perforatum),
50 grams of dried mountain germander ( Teucrium Montanum)
50 grams of dried nettle leaves (Urtica dioica).

Preparation and use:
Place the dried plants in bigger glass jar and pour the brandy over them. Close the jar and store it on a dark and dry place to stay for 30 days.  When the resting period is over strain the liquid through cheesecloth the best you can. Pour it in a dark bottle and store in a dark place.

These drops are used to help with circulation and varicose veins. They can be used once a day one table spoon before a meal. The best is to use them on an empty stomach. Highest dose can be three tea spoons a day before a meal. This dosage is for people that have more serious problems with the veins.


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