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It is not strange that what happens to us is mostly connected to our thoughts and our emotional state. There are numerous studies that show that show that diseases are linked to negative emotions and fear.  Laughing has miraculous effect on wide range of physical and mental factors. For example:

laughing activates and strengthens the abdominal muscles and diaphragm, it also increases the flow of oxygen in the body and improves circulation.  Laughing dilates blood vessels and accelerates the healing of tissues. It stimulates the production of endorphins and it creates a sense of elation.  When you smile you help your lymphatic system to get rid of waste, burn the fat and relax the muscles.

These types of pain that are listed are directly linked to emotions. Try solving them with positive emotions.

HEADACHE is often caused by stress we are exposed to every day. Take some time and relax and get rid of the stress. You will also get rid of the headaches.

NECK PAIN means that you have problem with forgiving yourself or others. Think about what you love about people to solve this problem.

PAIN IN SHOULDERS may mean that you wear a heavy emotional burden. Focus on solving the problems.

PAIN IN THE UPPER BACK means that you do not have enough emotional support. You feel unloved and unwanted. Talk about it and reconsider. It may make the pain go away.

PAIN IN THE LOWER BACK may mean that you are too concerned about money.
PAIN IN THE ELBOWS means that you are not so good at accepting changes in your life. Try to make compromises.

PAIN IN THE HANDS often shows that you think you can’t reach out to others in the way you think you should. Think about making new friends, lunch with your co-workers, and creating new contacts.
PAIN IN THE HIPS may mean that you are too scared to move on. Be careful when you are making decisions.
PAIN IN THE KNEES is a sign that your ego is too big and that you put yourself a bit too high. Think about humbleness it may take away the pain.



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