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If you talk to someone that has a problem with vision and has used this natural remedy, they will surely recommend this to you. This natural and effective remedy will not only improve your vision, but it will also make visible improvements on the other parts of your body.

Your skin will become healthier and smoother, your skin tone will even, and it will also restore your hair, give it shine, volume and restore natural color of your hair if it started becoming gray.
As it is known from before, nature has remedy for everything; you just have to be careful and chose the right ingredients. To prepare this magical elixir you will need these ingredients:

200 grams of flaxseed oil
4 medium size lemons

3 small cloves of garlic
 1 kg of honey.

it is very important to note that it is the best to use organic lemons and honey. You first have to peel the lemons. Cut them in smaller pieces and place them in a blender together with the garlic cloves. Mix well so that the mass is homogenized. Then add the flax seed oil and the honey and keep mixing. When you are finished and that is when you get an equal mass transfer it in a glass jar and seal well. Keep the jar in the fridge.


The recommended use of the elixir is one tablespoon three times a day at least half an hour before a meal. Use only wooden spoon. It is because metal spoon can cause chemical reaction and change the structure of the honey. Be careful to always seal the jar well after you use the remedy.

Note: You should know that natural remedies work individually on people and it is up to you if it will improve your health or not. If you have doubts of any kind consult a doctor.


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