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It is among the most nutritive plants and it contains more iron than spinach and more vitamin C than lemons. Watercress (Nasturtium officinal) is famous for its medicinal properties from long ago. Ancient Greeks used it for treating various diseases. It was used in ancient Egypt as a juice that provides all the energy body needs. Today, watercress is officially declared the healthiest vegetable on the planet or number one food item on the most nutritious foods scale.

Watercress stops and reduces oxidative stress and increases the antioxidant effect. Watercress affects the exchange of chemical compounds in our metabolism and regulates certain disorders a, which is important for every natural treatment.
Watercress can clean the blood. It can also refresh and clean the whole organism. It stimulates the appetite. It is mostly used fresh and as a fresh squeezed juice in the folk medicine.


The juice should be in 1:5 ratio with water, because pure watercress juice can cause inflammation in the throat and stomach. You must not drink this juice on daily basis, only the way it is prescribed to you, with break between doses.

Watercress juice is also used for skin conditions and hair care. It can be used by rubbing in or as a wrapping and it cleans and purifies the skin it can also be used for treating freckles and rashes caused by the sun. it is used in treating hair loss.
Scientific studies show that watercress can stop tumor growth and metastasis. It can help in treating cardiovascular diseases and to stop the spreading of breast cancer. Watercress is recommended to all smokers because it can soothe the harmful effects that smoking has causes on the body.
To prepare watercress wrappings chop or mince watercress leaves and you will get a mushy mixture that you can apply on the affected areas on the body. Clean the place before you apply the watercress treatment and cover with bandage.

After 2-4 hours wash it off and apply some kind of oil. These wrappings are mostly used for treating skin yeast infections.

You make the juice by putting washed leaves in a juicer and then add water five times more than the watercress juice you got from the leaves.

You can use it as a salad simple with some seasoning and olive oil and lemon juice.


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