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Moon diet is one of those diet plans that you should stick to in a very short period of time and it is very successful. It is perfect for people that want to drop small amount of kilograms in short time. The moon diet is bases on the idea that moon has the same effect on the water that is in our body as it has with oceans and this can assist the process of losing weight.

Some nutritionists say that with this diet you can lose up to three kilograms in 24 hours. Although there are so many variations of this diet, they are all based on the process of purification of the body by using only fluids, for a few days a month or during a full or new moon.
People that practiced and like this diet say that the moon has the same gravitational effect on the water in the body and the water in the oceans. That influence is greater during the full and new moon, which is why it is easier for the body to extract the toxins and that way we lose weight. During this period it is recommended that we only drink water and juices.
You should start your diet at the same time when the moon phase starts. For example if the new phase of the moon starts in the middle of the day, you can eat whatever you want until that minute, and then stick to the method of only drinking water and juices for the next 24 hours. Moon affects water in your body and it should help the detoxification and losing weight. The more liquid you drink; the moon will have stronger effect and remove all excess water from the body. Along with the water all the toxins that are stored in the body will also be removed. This will also improve your immune system.

So with the moon diet it will take 24 hours and you can get rid of even 3 kg thanks to the amount of water that you will throw out of your system.
There is an opinion that says that even though you can lose this amount of weight with moon diet, the effect is only temporary, because real weight loss occurs when you get rid of excess body fat.
It is good to know that any kind of diet plan that consists of lowering the amount of calories that you take in your body is successful. Moon diet is a diet plan that SHOULD NOT be practiced for a longer period than 24 hours.




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