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Overweight has become a leading reason for death and that is the reason why people are more focused on healthy nutrition.

Healthy diet and regular physical activity can help you lose weight, but there are some simple things you can do in order to stop getting extra weight.

This amazing natural drink is something you have to try! This unbelievable elixir can help you lower cholesterol level and get rid of unwanted fat and extra weight.

The drink is made of natural ingredients and it is very easy to prepare it!



  • 5 branches of parsley
  • 5 lemons
  • 3 liters of water


Cut the parsley and lemons and put them in a dish with water. Cook on slow fire for about two hours. Turn off fire and let it stay for one hour. Then remove the lemons and parsley and cook for another 3 hours.

Using and benefits:

Drink one brandy glass of this drink every morning. This amount should last you for 15 days. After this period of using you will notice the results and your body will be cleared of fats and cholesterol.  You can also try this similar fresh drink. You just have to blend few branches of parsley, juice of one lemon and 200 ml of water. Drink for five days on empty stomach and then pause other five days and you can repeat treatment. If you change your eating habits you may expect great results with this treatment.
Parsley is usually used as a spice but it also has great usage in cosmetic industry and as a natural remedy for many diseases. It is good for teas and lotions and drinks that improve general condition of your body.

Parsley contains a huge amount of vitamin C as well as vitamin A and K and flavonoids and essential oils.

Lemon is a great ally if you want to lose weight. Lemon based diets and drinks are very efficient in removing excess weight fast. These two ingredients combined are a great way to clear your body from toxins and regulating blood cholesterol level and they are also improving circulation.


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