Flu season is at the door and in most cases medications are not much useful. To fight viruses natural way vitamins, minerals and herbs can be very useful. When a virus attacks the organism, it needs a lot of energy and strength to fight it. That’s why the doctors advise to use certain ingredients that will help you win this fight.


  1. BELL PEPPERS: We all know that the vitamin C is important for strong immune system. But did you know that bell peppers contain higher level of vitamin C than any other citrus fruit. With regular intake of vegetables and fruits in our organism the immune system will be stronger than ever.
  2. Scientists believe that fennel helps cough relief and calms the most consistent cough. You can use it raw or cooked but the most useful is fennel seeds tea.
  3. The bacteria that yogurt contains are good for healthy micro flora that provides immunity and defends from diseases. Besides that, every day intake of pro biotic lowers the risk from respiratory infections.
  4. GREEN TEA. It helps losing weight and it contains antioxidants that are necessary for optimal health. It is known that green tea protects the organism from oxidants and free radicals and destroys bacteria that cause pneumonia.
  5. Beta carotene in the potato helps in the process of transforming the vitamin A and keeping the immune system healthy. It is necessary to eat more of this ingredient when you have throat or nose inflammation.
  6. This natural antibiotic lowers the probability to get flu or other inflammatory disease by 50 percent. When it’s cooked, garlic looses the anti oxidants so it is recommended to use it raw.
  7. It is famous fighter against infection and inflammations caused by free radicals.
  8. This fish is rich with protein and omega 3 fats that improve the immune system to produce antibodies that fight flu or cold.
  9. Like salmon turkey meat improves the work of immune system in creating antibodies that organism needs to fight against virus and bacteria. Have it on your menu at least three times a week.

SPROUTS. It is rich with vitamin C, fiber, vitamin K and magnesium. Only six pieces to provide body’s daily need of vitamins.



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