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One of the symptoms of gallstones is a feeling of bloating after a heavy meal. You feel as if you cannot digest the food. If this condition becomes more serious, you will start feeling pain in the area of the liver. If you start suspecting that you have gallstones, Chinese doctor Lai Chiu Nan has developed a method that helped so many people and is completely natural. Although the medical treatment for removing gallstones is very painful and can cause side effects as Jaundice or even cancer, doctor Lai’s method is completely painless and without side effects.
This treatment is also good for people with a weak liver, because the liver and gal bladder closely related.


First five days of the method drink four glasses of apple juice or eat four to five apples a day. It is on you to choose but stick to the certain suggested amount. Apple juice has the effect of softening the gallstones.  This first five days eat as you normally do. Do not overeat or stare. Stick to your normal daily nutrition. Sixth day skip the dinner. At six o’clock in the evening, drink a teaspoon of Epsom salts or Magnesium sulfate with a glass of warm water. At eight o’clock in the evening, repeat the procedure. Magnesium sulfate will open a way to the bile. At ten o’clock in the evening, drink half a cup of olive or sesame oil mixed with half a cup of fresh squeezed lemon juice. The oil will lubricate the stones and make their way out easy. The next morning you should notice a green stones in the feces.

Chinese doctor recommends this method of cleaning even if you do not have gallstones symptoms. It is good to clean your gall and bladder so they can do their work properly and to avoid any health conditions and diseases.



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