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Vitamin C has a huge part in the preventing and treating diseases. It is the strongest antioxidant that is soluble in water. It provides strong protection from viruses, bacteria, allergies and many more. Vitamin C is also famous for its part in creating collagen- a protein that helps regeneration of tissue.

It is very important to know the source of vitamin C, because not every type that is found in nature can be absorbed by our body.
Vitamin C exists as a complex of compounds that make the most powerful vitamin know to humans. Natural vitamin C after being consumed can retain in the body for 48 hours. That is a sign that it is of natural products.


It is a constant question how to take sufficient quantity of vitamin C but not to use synthetic pills and mixtures that are not of natural products. You can use skin from citrus fruits. The most wonderful is that you can make this at home and with no extra cost.  Wash the fruit and peel it off. Place the citrus skin on a clean cloth and leave on a room temperature for a few days. The skins have to become crispy. Then put the citrus skins in a blender and mix well until it becomes a nice powder. Store the vitamin C powder in a container and keep it on a cold dark place.

The most important thing about vitamin C is how much your body will ab

sorb. Skin of citrus fruits contains a high concentration of vitamin C. There is average 130mg of vitamin C in 100 grams of citrus skin. So use a teaspoon of the vitamin C powder you made a day. Y

ou can mix it in water, juice; add it in a soup, puree, salad.
One teaspoon of this vitamin C powder will provide you with all the vitamin C complex, including naringin, rutin, hesperidin and other bioflavonoids , the same as daily need


of your body.

So don’t waste money on synthetic vitamin C-make this and you will be amazed by it taste and effect!





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