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Blackberry wine is well known and used as a natural remedy for a very long time. It main use is in treating anemia but it is also used for other health conditions such as exhaustion, malnutrition, regulation of digestion, blood pressure regulation and circulation.

By submitting yourself to blackberry wine therapy you can feel it effects. It can increase appetite, regulates the function of bile and urinal system, and it is also effective with some skin diseases as rashes. Blackberry wine can reduce the bad cholesterol level in the blood and prevents blood clothing. Users of this wine say that it has positive effects on the heart and on some neurological disorders linked to Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.


You can buy blackberry wine probably in every pharmacy and healthy food store, but you can also make it yourself. That way you will have 100% natural product without any preservatives and artificial components added to it.

To prepare blackberry wine you need:

5kg of blackberries and 1,5 kg of sugar.

Method of preparation:
Clean and wash the blackberries and place them in a larger bowl. Then smash them with your hands and add the sugar.  Leave at least three fingers of empty space in the bowl because when the mixture starts to ferment it will fill up the bowl. Cover the bowl with gauze and leave it in a cold place for one week.
After seven days remove the gauze and then remove the husk that is formed on the surface with a spoon, and strain the wine through gauze. Pour the wine back into the bowl and leave it for another week. After that strain the wine carefully to remove the sediment and place it in glass one liter bottles. Cover the bottles with gauze, because if you use cap the bottles may explode. Place the bottles in cold place. After one month you can cover the bottles with caps.
How to use blackberry wine:

Used in medicinal purpose, the amount of blackberry wine you have to use daily id 50 to 100 ml in the morning on empty stomach. It should be used permanently for two to three months and you will definitely feel the effects.


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