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If you want to be healthy then you definitely have to learn to make a difference between good and bad food. Not every food that you can buy is healthy. Markets are overloaded with processed and packed food that is full with harmful stuff.

These artificial sweeteners, colors and additives with weird names are main cause of the modern diseases.It is not only genetics that makes you a potential cancer, diabetes, heart disease target- it is the food you eat, the air and the water that also have huge impact on your health. To get started learn which are the most dangerous foods to your health and stay away from them at all cost.


Soda drink

Usual soda drink contains over 10 grams of sugar on 100 ml. this amount of sugar can easily change glucose tolerance or make you throw up or loose conscience. This effect can be avoided by adding phosphoric acid in the drink which is why more soda drinks contain it. Most of these drinks contain corn syrup-full of complex sugars that are even more harmful than the simple. Therefore stay away from sodas, even the diet ones, and replace them with fresh squeezed fruit juice. Apple or grapefruit juice is the best choice.


Fried food

During the process of frying the oils we use transforms to trans fat. This is the most dangerous form of oil that causes cancer and coronal diseases. This is mainly because not every oil can handle high temperature. The best choice for frying is animal fats like high fat butter as well as coconut oil. Use small amount of fat or oil for frying your food. Use the oven for preparing the food. It is safer and healthier than frying.



Sauces and salad dressings that are sold nowadays contain a very large ingredient lists. They are so full of preservatives, sweeteners, flavor enhancers and other ingredients that are very harmful to our health. Limit their use as much as you can because using them in large quantity can harm your health. Before you buy the sauces read the content label, it will help you to choose right.


Sweeteners and sweetened products

Artificial sweeteners are very common in our everyday life. We probably use them because they have no calories and eliminate our need for sugar. But we ignore the fact that they are artificial and it is very hard for our body to process and cause a variety of health problems if we constantly use them for a longer period. Stevia is a natural sweetener that can replace the artificial.


Processed meat

Sausages or any other type of packed meat that has long expiration date is dangerous to our health, mainly because it contains enormous level of nitrites. Best is to choose fresh cooled meat that has less than a week shelf life.



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