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This may sound unbelievable but it is not. The sooner you start this treatment the sooner you will see how true this is. Honey is famous to medicine from long ago, and when you add bee pollen to it you will get a life changing mixture.

So to get to the point it is about honey and bee pollen mixture that you have to consume every day.

Pollen contains over 250 substances that your body needs to function normally. Bee pollen is true treasure for the entire organism.


It successfully treats many diseases, strengthens the immune system, regulates the digestive tract, cleans the blood and regenerates the liver. It also helps the sick from hepatitis. Pollen is very effective with hypertension; it can also lower blood cholesterol levels. Pollen also has pleasant effect on the nervous system.

Recommended daily dose of pollen for a grown up is one teaspoon a day. Children can use half a teaspoon. The way of use is very simple. Add a teaspoon of pollen in a glass of water and let it stay overnight. In the morning add few drops of lemon juice and drink the mixture. It is recommended that you don’t eat or drink anything for at least twenty minutes after this.
You can also make the powerful and amazing pollen and honey mixture. It is easy you just have to mix two ingredients in proportion 1:3. Grownups can use this mixture one tablespoon three times a day before the meals. Children eat a teaspoon twice a day before meals.


We have to note that pollen itself or the mixture with honey won’t heal you miraculously if you don’t take a little bit more care about your lifestyle. It will be enough if you completely remove white sugar, white rice, white flour and white salt from your nutrition. You have a lot of healthier replacements for all this products and it won’t be anything too hard. You should also stay away from processed sugar and sweets. Dedicate yourself to every day exercise or walking at least three miles a day.

These are things that you can make in order to completely change your life and provide a good health to yourself.


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