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It is believed that it can cure so many diseases and you can make it at home.
To make this balm you will need:
400 ml of extra virgin oil you can use olive or coconut, one free-range egg and 60 g of beeswax.

Preparation of the balm:
Cook the egg, take out the yolk and mash it. Put the oil in a sauce pan and put the wax in it. Warm up on low heat. When the wax melts, add the yolk little by little. You add the yolk bit by bit in a sauce pan and as you add it the oil will crackle. It is possible that it will also start to foam. Then remove it from the heat and when the foam settles put it back on until you add the yolk. Then strain it and pour it in a jar. Leave it to cool. Stir from time to time while it cools down so that the wax does not fall on the bottom. When it cools down it will be ready to use.
How to use the balm

Sinusitis: Melt a spoon of the balm and apply in a nose with two times a day with a dripper. This balm breaks through the sinuses and draws out all the secretion from it.

Otitis externa: Fold a piece of cotton and dip it in the balm and place it in your ear. If necessary apply some balm behind the ear too. It will remove all the pus that causes the infection.

Purulent tonsillitis, abscesses in the throat, tonsillitis: Apply the balm in the throat and from the outside. Repeat the procedure two to three times and the abscess will break.

Bronchitis, stomach pain, bowel problems and external ulcers: Eat ½ a teaspoon of the balm three times a day before meals.

Women diseases such as ovarian cysts, inflammation or mastitis:  Soak a tampon in the balm and apply it in the vagina two times a day. It takes only ten days to remove cystitis. For mastitis place a napkin soaked in the balm on the painful breasts and cover with a nylon foil. Change the wrappings every two hours.

Burns, ulcers, wounds, swelling, toothache, and joint pain: Apply to the affected area overnight and wrap it up. You can only use a swab, soaked in the balm, if the wounds are not large. For toothache apply some balm on the painful tooth or the gum.

Ulcers and gangrene: soak a paper napkin soaked with the balm and change it every 2 hours.


Hemorrhoids: make gauze tampon and soak it in the balm. Apply it in the anus overnight for about ten days until you feel an improvement.
If you spread the balm on the affected place use it overnight. For ankles and knees wrap the place. When you are using wrappings soften the balm on a steam before the use. This balm can also be used to straighten your nails. Just apply some balm on the nails overnight.



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