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Warts are ugly skin growths that sometimes look like little balloons that hang on the skin. Besides their ugly appearance they are very often located on places where they bother us. Wards appear on places like hands, feet or on a neck and they are usually visible, so they affect the person by shaking their self-confidence.

Warts are not painful and they are not dangerous but most of us would like them removed from our skin. Modern medicine has a numerous methods of removing these annoying things but they usually require more than one treatment and remedies for treating warts in your home can be very expensive.

There is a method that is used in folk medicine that can remove warts in home conditions and without scars, and it costs almost nothing.

The solution lies in apple cider vinegar. It will remove the warts painlessly and there will be no sign that the wart was there.  To do this treatment, you just need few drops of apple cider vinegar and a patch. First wash and dry the place where the wart is. Then apply few drops of apple cider vinegar and stick the patch. The next day remove the patch and wash the wart and dry it before you apply apple cider vinegar and a patch again. If you do this treatment the right way any unwanted warts will disappear without a trace in five days. Remember to always clean the place where the wart is before you apply another patch. This treatment is safe and it won’t cause any side effects as some other treatments can.


Apple cider vinegar has antibacterial properties that help keep the warts under control. The malic and lactic acid that can also be found in the vinegar exfoliate and soften the skin reduce the scars and keep the skin pH in balance.



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