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Nature works its way to provide us with everything we need to be healthy and beautiful. We only have to learn how to use it gifts.

Cucumber is an amazing vegetable that has a wide use. It is known for its attributes as a refresher of the body and because it is in the group of negative calorie food it is perfect for weight loss. Cucumber has a wide use in the cosmetic industry because it has amazing effects on the skin. Women use circles of cucumber on the eyes to refresh them and reduce tiredness and swelling. Peels can also be used on the face to refresh it and absorb excess toxins.


We can also prepare a homemade natural face lotion that can successfully solve the problems of oily skin. This recipe will provide you with natural lotion that will solve the problem with increased sebum and will carefully dry the skin and balance it. It removes inflammation reduces the pores and tones the skin to perfection. It is perfect black heads, pimples and all the other consequences of an oily skin.

To prepare it you will need fresh cucumbers and medicinal alcohol.

The best to use are homegrown cucumbers that are not treated with pesticides and fertilizers. If you can’t grow them use organic cucumbers. Take 1-2 cucumbers and wash them. Then chop them finely or grate them on a larger grater. Add them in a glass jar and pour the medicinal alcohol in. the proportion should be 1:1. So if you have a cup of grated cucumber, use a cup of liquid.
Close the jar and leave it in a warm sunny place to stay for 12-14 days. Then strain the lotion and store it in a proper container and leave it in a fridge.

Use this lotion every morning and every night, after you washed your face.  You can also use it during the day to clean the face. After 2-3 weeks you will start to notice improvement in your skin tone. If your skin is normal or combined, this lotion will be ideal for you, if you dilute it with boiled and cooled water. Add the same amount of water as cucumbers and medicinal alcohol you added in the lotion. If used 1 cup to one cup ratio, add a cup of water after the lotion is prepared.



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