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Heart is a vital organ that keeps the body alive by pumping the blood to every organ. There are many diseases and conditions that can affect that normal function and the heart can’t do its work in the organism. Those conditions are mainly treated by medication that often causes unwanted side effects. These therapies can be replaced by remedies of the nature that are also effective and without side effects.

This recipe is created over 800 years ago by a nun Hildegard von Bingen. She spoke of this remedy as very effective and recommended every household to have it because it can solve any kind of heart failure. This recipe is later overtaken by famous doctor and they recommend it to their patients with heart conditions. The remedy is successful in treating cardiac weakness, as well as any other heart disease. It can also be used for problems like feeling of stabbing, trembling and arrhythmia that occur during stress. It can also treat angina pectoris.

To prepare this old remedy you will need this ingredients
Ten fresh parsley stocks with leaves and without a root.
one liter of homemade red or white wine,

Two tablespoons of vine vinegar
300 g of natural honey.

This is how to prepare the remedy

Pour the vine in a pot and add the parsley. Add two tablespoons of vine vinegar. Put the pot on a heat and cook for 10 minutes. You have to be near the pot all the time because it can foam. Then add the honey and let it simmer for another four minutes over a low heat. Remove from heat, and strain the liquid while it is still hot. Pour the remedy in a glass bottles that you washed with medicinal alcohol and warmed them. Seal well. The remedy will start forming precipitate but it is safe to use.


This is the way to dose the remedy

You should drink this one tablespoon a day until you notice improvement. When it comes to more serious conditions use longer period.


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