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Lipoma is a form of benign tumors that is composed of fat tissue. They are usually harmless and can appear on the neck, head, armpits or hands. There isn’t an age limit.

They can appear in kids as well as in grown ups. There isn’t any explanation why lipomas appear. There is only a supposition that they are caused by high cholesterol level or obesity as well as genetics.
Although doctors recommend surgery or a laser procedure, many people want to avoid them and seek for a natural cure.

This recipe is natural and proven to be effective by all the people that used it. It is easy to prepare and easy to use all you need is some patience and trust.


All you need is equal ratio of honey and flour. Mix them well and apply on the lipoma. The layer should be 5 to 10 millimeters thick. Then put a plaster over the mixture and let it stay for 36 hours.

Then wash it off and repeat the procedure with a fresh mixture. You can repeat this procedure five times in a row or eight days. In this period the fat tissue will start dissolving.

The mixture of honey and flour is effective remedy for external sores and wounds. It has anti-inflammatory effect and it also stimulates lymph flow and circulation.

If you decide to use this treatment here are some tips that you should follow in order to suceed in your goal in removing lipoma naturally.
Clean your body of toxins. One of the ways is to eat fresh fruits and vegetables and avoid       processed food.

Don’t eat saturated fats and refined oils.
Avoid foods with additives, preservatives and pesticides as well as white flour, meat, milk and dairy products.
Natural spices like okra, psyllium, chickweed, chicory, papaya, pomegranate, sage, mandarin and turmeric can help your body to decompose fat and eliminate toxins.
Start your morning with a juice of half a lemon because it stimulates the liver and detoxifies the body.
Eat food that contains omega – 3 fatty acids because they help in dissolving and preventing the growth of fat tissue.
Add sprouts to your nutrition.



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