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There are certain types of food that are very familiar for the effect they have on the mammary gland. They are rich with phytoestrogens and with their constant use you will get a safe and 100% natural breast enlargement. We present a list of this foods that woman will be thrilled to know about.


Soy beans are full of t isoflavones, which are the most powerful phytoestrogens. The isoflavones that are found in soy selectively regulate the levels of estrogen. They either suppress or encourage the synthesis of estrogen’s in the blood depending on their momentary amount of the organism.
Their effect is completely identical with the effect of estrogen in a woman’s body and that they do not cause side effects like synthetic estrogen that is used in hormonal therapies. Isoflavones from the soy beans are used in medicine for reducing arterial pressure, strengthening the cardiovascular and nervous system, suppressing the “hot flushes” in the period of menopause.


Sweet potato or the Mexican wild yam is also known as the woman’s plant. It contains diosgenin -phytohormone that controls the ratio of the progesterone and estrogen in women.  It helps maintain hormonal balance in the body and contributes to the removal of premenstrual syndrome in menopause. Wild yam is widely known for its effect of spreading the breast tissue, which leads to its increasing natural way.  Sweet potatoes have more positive effect on the body such as mood improvement, fuller lips, and cleaning of freckles etc.


Extract of hops flowers contains phytoestrogens that have estrogenic activity in the body. They improve the hormonal balance in woman and boost their libido. This extract has an amazing effect on the skin. Hops extract is used for treating disorders like nervous excitement, insomnia, and climacteric nerve problems.   Hops also contains antioxidant known as xanthohumol which slows down aging process and blocks the activity of the hormones testosterone and estrogen that way enabling the development  of breast, ovarian and colon cancer.



Star anise contains phytoestrogens that help the normal development and functioning of the ovaries. It also keeps balance of the glands with internal secretion and the exchange of substances in the body. It contributes to the regulation of the menstrual cycle and ensures normal ovulation. It can also help in eliminating the unpleasant symptoms of climax. Star anise also helps stimulating the secretion of gastrointestinal system, lungs and mammary gland.


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