Malfunction of thyroid gland can affect the function of many organs in the body. These disorders in functioning of thyroid are most common in woman over 35 years. The most important is to emphasize the fact that a lot of people have thyroid disorder and aren’t even aware of it.

There is a list of symptoms that can point that you are affected by this disorder. If you feel more of these symptoms you should probably get a check up because it is most likely that you have some kind of thyroid gland disorders.  Most common symptoms are: over tiredness, nervous and impatience, high blood pressure and blood cholesterol level, lack of sleep.


Also a very common symptom is changed appetite and taste of food and with that lost of weight, as well as visible signs as dry skin, loosing or getting grays in the hair. Very common symptoms are irregular menstrual cycles and inability to get pregnant, variations in the body temperature and strange feeling in the neck. These problems are most likely caused by iodine deficiency; therefore it is recommended by nutritionists that you use a higher quality salt that is in reached with iodine.

This natural remedy can also help soothe these symptoms and the malfunction of the thyroid gland.
To prepare this natural remedy you need these two ingredients: 40 pieces green walnuts and 1 kg organic honey. You will also need a larger glass jar to put the remedy in. when you have everything prepared you can start.

First wash the walnuts then dry them and just pinch them several times with a top of a sharp knife. Then place them in a glass jar and pour the honey over. Leave the jar outside so it can be exposed to the sun. It should stay like that for about six weeks. Then strain the mixture and put it in a glass bottle. Use it until you get improvements.



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