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Hyper pigmentation is a health disorder that is caused by larger amounts of melanin that are in the body. During this disorder, dark spots appear on the face and they give the skin a darker pigmentation.

Process of hyper pigmentation can be caused by a variety of factors. It can be a result of exposing the skin on a sun and its UV rays for a longer period. The UV rays harm the melanin and by that cause temporary or permanent change of the color on the skin. Hyper pigmentation also goes along with certain diseases, the process of aging, pregnancy, or some type of injuries.


This darker spots can appear anywhere on the body but they are most common on the hands and on the face.
There are a variety of effective natural mixtures that can help in treating hyper pigmentation in your own home. This one we have here is based on the ancient Indian methods in treating this problem and is considered to be very efficient.
Natural way to get rid of the hyper pigmentation

All you will need for this amazing cure, you probably have at your kitchen.
Take a teaspoon of turmeric powder. Place it in a small bowl. Then add a teaspoon of freshly squeezed lemon juice. Then mix the two ingredients until the mass in homogenized. Then apply the mixture on the affected places on the face. You can do it by hands or use a brush that you use for applying face masks. The most important is the mass to be equally spread on the affected parts. Leave the mixture work for 15 minutes until it is completely dried out. Then wash it off from the face with slightly warm water. DON’T EXPOSE YOUR SKIN TO THE SUN AFTER THIS TREATMENT! You can do this before you go to bed. Repeat this treatment twice a week until you get the wanted results.

Lemon juice cleans the skin and gives it a natural glow.
Turmeric illuminates the skin but it also has an anti-inflammatory powers. Turmeric also whitens the skin, those who are using it for whitening the teeth know that.
If you have too sensitive or very dry skin you should replace the lemon juice with milk, or dilute the lemon juice with a small amount of water.



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