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Chia seeds originate from Mexico, and their use dates from the time of the Aztecs. They are a wonder of nature that can help with so many diseases and also prevent their occurrence. The use of this seeds will make you look younger, healthy, vital and full of energy.

This amazing product contains 20% protein, 34% fat, 25% of dietary fiber, but also a significant amount of antioxidants. They are especially rich in linoleic acid and other omega-3 unsaturated fatty acids. Containing all this chia seeds can be beneficial in many areas.

Weight reduction

The seeds absorb enough water immediately after they get to the digestive organs.  It creates a feeling of satiety. Consuming these seeds you will lose weight in fast and effective way without harming your health. Chia seeds will provide your body with all essential vitamins and nutrients and your desire to eat high calorie greasy food will disappear.

Natural calcium source

Chia seeds contain five times more calcium than milk, and two times more potassium than bananas. So to increase the level of calcium and that way avoid any health problems with bones, nails and hair, try this seeds. They are good because our body is able to fully absorb the calcium from this organic product.

Omega-3 fatty acids

Chia seeds contain fatty acids as well as red fish. They lower cholesterol, improve heart function, help to deal with depression and constant changes of mood. Fatty acids contribute to the work of our brain and give amazing attributes to the skin.

Source of youth

This seeds contain an enormous amount of antioxidants. They contain higher level of antioxidants than blueberries and aronia berries. This antioxidants make you look younger and they also provide protection from infectious diseases.


People that are engaged in physical activities and sports often take synthetic supplements to increase energy to the body and gain muscle mass and strength. Chia seeds can replace all those synthetic products as they achieve all the supplements do.

Using chia seeds

3-4 tablespoons a day is the amount of seeds that is most beneficial for your body.
You can start with one tablespoon and gradually increase the amount of intake. Seeds have neutral flavor so you can add them in all your meals.  We tried chia seeds pudding that is also nice and healthy desert. The basic measure is cup of milk or any other liquid and ¼ of cup chia seeds. We soak the seeds in the liquid and leave the container on the room temperature for 30 minutes then transfer in the fridge to stay overnight. We used raspberry jelly to combine and add a little taste. You can be creative and try adding things by your taste.


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